Friday, August 24, 2007

Back in the Midwest...

Guess what? We all moved back to Minneapolis. We will miss daycare a lot, but Mama and Papa said that Arizona just didn't work out.

Right now we are staying at Grandma A's til we get our own place. Its fun here cause there are other kids here- our aunties Andrea and Rayne.

I can roll like a champ now. I even fell off the bed and got a fat lip! It hurt, but I was OK. I smile and laugh like crazy and I am real big too!

Felix learned to drink through a straw, and said, "I'm just so happy" today. It made mama cry tears of joy! He also ate macaroni for the first time in months today, all by himself without mama trying to make him taste it! He ate a whole bowl!

Yesterday we went to Auntie Em and Uncle Matty's. Their house is cool! Uncle Matty has all kinds of action figures! I took a nap there and wet through my diapee- I gotta leave my mark wherever I go!


Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm Getting Excited!

Guess what? I am learning all kinds of new stuff. Slowly but surely I am learning stuff around the house, like washing my hands (WHICH I LOVE!) and closing the fridge for papa.

Mama is trying to get me to try new foods and even though I HATE veggies and fruit (they are too squishy and moist) she is giving me vitamins in the morning and a yummy nutritional drink after day care. She also found these veggie chips that I really like! I love juice, so mama found a juice that has fruit AND veggie juice in it- I can't even TASTE the veggies! Its good.

My little bro found his thumb two days ago... I guess that means mama and papa have two thumb-suckers now!

I can't wait to go to the park and go swimming! I also love the rock garden and blowing bubbles.