Friday, December 18, 2009

Aren't I Handsome...

On Monday, Mama and I went to a coffee shop in Uptown called The Beat, and I got some Naked Juice. Oh, how I love juice...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Operation Sleepover Was a Success!

Its me, Felix!

Lars and I spent the night at Mama's new house for the first time last night. We were such good boys and went to bed so nice. I slept in Mama's bed, since I'm used to sleeping in my own room, and Mama and Lars slept in the living room. I slept through the night, and Lars only woke up once for a minute to make sure Mama was next to him. Then we woke up like little angels right at 7:30am this morning.

My new favorite thing is putting objects like popsicle sticks and Hanukkah candles behind the radiator. I got in big trouble with Mama a couple times. We watched "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" which we both liked (especially Lars), got more Hanukkah presents (my favorite was a foam puzzle- I like stacking up the pieces), and Lars and I both munched on mixed greens, pomegranate and other new foods.

Digga Digga,


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hanukkah... Yeah!

Hey everybody! Its me, Lars! Its finally winter, and very snowy. Here is my big brother Felix and me playing in the snow in our backyard at Mama's house. It was super fun but Felix doesn't like wearing a hat or gloves... when his hands got cold, he got really mad and wanted to go inside! We drank hot chockit and warmed up!

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah. We were with Daddy, but when we showed up to Mama's house the this morning, there were a whole bunch of presents waiting for us! I was really excited but Felix didn't seem very interested... he played with his old standby toy, "the stack of cups." He also hid a bunch of menorah candles behind the radiator! Mama got so mad! We got a truck that holds a bunch of Matchbox cars, a new blanket, some bubble bars and jelly soap from Lush, a backpack full of art supplies (we love backpacks!), some books and a snow tube.

Tonight is our first night sleeping over at Mama's new house. That means that its been almost a year since she fell asleep with us, and woke up with us. When she used to come visit us at Daddy's house, she would tuck us in til we fell asleep... but when we woke up, she had gone back home. Mama is nervous that we will have trouble falling asleep here. Right now, Mama has a small bed, so she is going to tuck Felix into that bed, and Mama and I are going to sleep next to him on the floor. Thank goodness that I LOVE sleeping on the floor! Sometimes I even do it at Daddy's house even though I have a bed. I have my blamet (blanket), my bunny, my "Hello Titty" pillow, my baby and her bahbah, my jammies, my Mama, my Fe... Mama hopes that's enough to make me comfortable and be able to fall asleep... and Felix too...

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its been so long...

Wow! So much has changed since Mommy last posted a blog for us. Its been about 2 years.

Lots of changes have happened to the Morris family. Lars is 2 1/2 now. Felix is 5. We live with our daddy and his girlfriend Ashley, and we visit Mommy at her house 2 to 4 days a week (although she hopes more soon). Mommy and Daddy decided not to be together anymore. Mommy moved out in December of 2007 with us and had us full-time for a year. Then Mommy got sick and was in the hospital, so we moved in with Daddy and Ashley. When she got out, she decided to go to school so that she could get a job and make more money (TO BUY US TOYS, DUH!). She just graduated, got a house and is working as a make-up artist! Lars loves playing with Mommy's make-up and Felix likes lining up all her lipsticks.

(Look how much Mommy loves us...)

(...and look how big and handsome we are!)

Felix is using sign language to communicate, making eye contact, engaging in reciprocal play, started special education kindergarten and also goes to autism therapy! They have a big indoor gym that's AWESOME and lots of cute girls work there! They love hugs too! Score.

Lars is talking up a storm, and loves "Dora," "Fresh Beats," kitties and puppies, Miley Cyrus, playing Nintendogs, helping Mommy cook and the best thing of all... "Pee-Wee's Playhouse." Yes, the same "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" from Mommy's youth is now our favorite show! Ashley bought us a season of it and we love it. Look at what we were for Halloween!

That's right- we were Pee-Wee and Cowboy Curtis! Look how handsome we are. That day, Mommy took us to a kids-only screening of the movie "Casper" at the Mall of America, we carved pumpkins (the guts are FUN!), roasted THREE kinds of seeds (spicy, sweet and salty) and played at LegoLand too, with our friends Spencer, Viktor and Veta.

Things have been really difficult for Mommy, but our ability to adjust to all the changes we've gone through, and how happy, healthy and smart we are, makes her so proud to be our Mommy. The times she is the happiest are when she is with us. Its hard for her to not be with us all the time, and the life she anticipated for us, having Mommy and Daddy raising us together in one home, is something that she feels bad about. She has had the support of a lot of friends, many of them raised by single mommies or raised in two different homes like we are, and they all say that they love and respect their Mommy, because she struggled for them and didn't give up. Mommy loves us very much, and we love her.

Until next time,
Felix and Lars